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Permanent Hair Removal

There is NO better solution for treating unwanted hair.

Electrolysis is a treatment as individual as you are, transforming your life by eliminating the need for time-consuming, temporary hair removal regimens.

Electrolysis is a state of the art hair removal method that works on ALL skin and hair types. No other hair removal method can claim such universal acceptability, with PERMANENT results.

You will find electrolysis treatments effective and comfortable when performed by a skilled professional.

Common treatment areas:
Upper/lower lip, chin/neck, eyebrows, breasts, underarm, bikini line, feet and toes.



Temporary Hair Removal

Waxing is a fast and inexpensive way to temporarily remove unwanted hair, leaving skin soft and smooth for up to 4 weeks.


Natural Image Electrolysis uses two methods of waxing.

Strip Wax
Warm wax is applied to the skin in the direction of the hair growth. A cloth strip is then pressed into the wax and pulled off in the opposite direction taking the wax and hair with it. This method of strip wax is most popular for legs, backs, eyebrows and bikini lines.

Hard Wax
Hard wax is applied in the same fashion as strip wax, however, after application, it hardens and is removed in one whole piece taking the hair with it. Hard wax is primarily used to temporarily remove hair from smaller areas of the body, such as eyebrows or noses, where skin can be more delicate.


Temporary Hair Removal

Unlike wax, sugar is made from natural ingredients with no animal testing. It is a paste that is warmed when used. Sugar is applied with the fingertips in the opposite direction the hair grows then it is “flicked” off in the same direction the hair grows.


When the hair is pulled out in the same direction it grows there is less chance of breakage and therefore less chance of ingrown hairs.


Common treatment areas:

Underarms, bikini area, feet and toes.

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Electrolysis is the only hair removal treatment recognized as permanent by the American Medical Association and approved by the FDA for permanent hair removal.

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Lisa Proulx, CPE, Owner


Certified Professional Electrologist

Natural Image Electrolysis is owned and operated by Lisa Proulx, CPE. Lisa earned her CPE in 1998 and is a member of the American Electrology Association and the New York Electrolysis Association.

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Reviews of Natural Image Electrolysis


“Lisa Proulx and Natural Image Electrolysis has changed my life. I am more confident at age 40 than I have been in my entire life. I feel fortunate to have met Lisa; she is kind, gentle and professional. My experience with electrolysis has been only positive and  successful; I never thought I could be hair free and pain free! Thank you Lisa: you are truly wonderful.”

S.R. - Albany

“Lisa is a true professional.Her skill and knowledge as an electrologist has made such a change in how I feel about my appearance. I consider electrolysis to be an investment in myself and will continue to refer Lisa to family and friends."

A.M. - Albany

"I started out having Lisa treat my upper lip and was so pleased with the results that I have now moved on to my eyebrows and toes!"

J.B. - Albany

"I was tweezing hairs on my chin and mustache area every day for years before my friend persuaded me to go for a consultation with her electrologist.My skin was a mess from constantly picking at the ingrown hairs I had caused. It only took a few treatments before I started to see a change in the hair growth and my skin continues to look better  and better."

P.F. - Niskayuna

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Natural Image Electrolysis

1138 Troy Schenectady Rd, Latham, NY 12110, USA

(518) 783-8724

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